Training Sessions

  • All teams are encouraged to participate in the club training sessions as this is where we can build our community, develop player fundamentals and establish our club values.

  • Training is scheduled for each Sunday during the school terms except for (most) weekends with a public holiday. Each session runs for 40 minutes with 3-4 teams sharing a full court.

  • There is a 5 minute buffer between sessions. Coaches, players and parents should finish training on time and clear the whole court promptly to allow the next group to get started on time

  • Team Coaches (or a parent from each team) are required to supervise the training sessions with the support of our Session Coaches or Club Coaches.

  • The first formal training session for the 2023-24 Winter season will be on the 8th October 2023

  • The teams are grouped based on age and experience so the skills are appropriate to each training session. This may be adjusted during the season.

  • The sessions will focus on fundamental skills relevant to each group. We are aiming for continual improvement and for those who are motivated, a pathway toward representative (VJBL) basketball by aligning our training program

  • Team coaches can "break out" with there own team from time to time during the session to work on strategy or specific team skills

  • Teams can run their own additional training sessions but to be covered by the association's insurance the team must inform the club of the time and venue in advance

Updated 6th October 2023 -

Start Time

Court 2

Court 1

9.30 - 10.10am

Under 10 Boys (Originals, JackJumpers Legends)

10.15 - 10.55am

Under 14 Boys (Heat, Rebels, Magic, Titans) Players from other U14 Boys teams are welcome to join this session too

11 - 11.40am

Under 12 Boys (Hawks, Volcanoes, Kings, Thunder)

11.45 - 12.25am

Under 12 Boys (Taipans, Saints, Steelers)

Under 16 / 18 Boys (Hot Shots, Sting, Sonics, Chip-n-Gravy)

12.30 - 1.10pm

Under 12 Boys (Wizards, Giants, Scorpions, Phoenix)

Under 16 Boys (Raptors, Fury, Dynomites, Rollers)

1.15 - 1.55pm

Under 14 Girls (Flyers, Blaze, Dreamcatchers, Rockers)

Under 10 Boys (Stingers, Colts, Falcons, Rangers)

2.00 - 2.40pm

Under 14 / 16 Girls (Chargers, Dreamers, Fire, Diamonds)

Under 10 Girls (Comets, galaxy, Jazz)

2.45 - 2.25pm

Under 10 Girls (Flames, Spirit, Runaway Bunnies)

3.30 - 4.10pm

Under 12 Girls (Fever, Ruby Reds, Sparks)

4.15 - 4.55pm

Under 12 Girls (Waves, Lynx, Spice)

Seniors Teams - No courts available